Dads and Daughters

Taking part in regular physical activity is a powerful way of supporting the long-term health and wellbeing of children and through Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered we want to encourage fathers, and father-figures, to play a greater role in supporting their daughter(s) to be physically active.

Do you want to increase physical activity levels, sports skills and social-emotional wellbeing of your daughter(s) by improving physical confidence and competence, challenging stereotypes about playing sport and physical activity? We’ll also help you increasee your confidence and ability to act as a role model in relation to their daughter’s participation.

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Who can participate in the programme?

You can participate in the programme if you:

Are a father or father-figure (step dad, grandad, uncle, brother) with a daughter or equivalent who currently attends primary school key stages 1 and/or 2 (aged 5-11)

Have the ability to participate in low-level physical activity

If you have any health concerns about participating, we advise you contact your GP before taking part in the programme. An outline of the physical activity you may undertake can be found below.

What would you and your daughter(s) be asked to do?

If you participate in this programme, you and your daughter(s) will be asked to complete the following:

Attend 11 consecutive weeks of programme delivery at [insert location or locations].

You will be asked to complete surveys before, immediately after and 3-months after the programme concludes, with questions related to physical activity and father-daughter relationship.

Complete home tasks away from the sessions and log activity.

Although the programme primarily focuses on the dad and daughter(s), mothers/partners and siblings are invited to attend the forth and eleventh sessions (this is an optional element of the programme, neither yours or your daughter(s) participation in the programme will be negatively affected should they be unable to attend) and are welcome to participate in home tasks.

Programme overview

The Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered programme runs for 11 consecutive weeks. Sessions will be delivered by trained facilitators from The Albion Foundation with relevant education, qualification and background checks including DBS. Each session will last approximately 90-minutees and will explore a variety of factors that influence girls’ physical activity including emotional, physical and family and community.


Each session is broken down into three components:

15-minute review and introduction to the week, for daughters and dads.

35-minutes educational session conducted separately for daughters and dads

40-minutes practical session conducted with daughters and dads together

The sessions will focus on:

Parenting and behavioural strategies to improve physical activity

Fundamental movement skills (throw, catch, kick and strike)

Rough and tumble play

Fun physical challenges to develop social-emotional wellbeing

All participants will be provided with a handbook to take away.

What choices do you and your daughter(s) have?

Participation in this programme is entirely your choice. You will be included in the project if you have given your informed consent. If you or your daughter(s) do not wish to participate, you can withdraw from the project at any time without giving a reason. This decision will not disadvantage you in any way.

You will receive the Zoom link within the email confirmation upon registration. 

For further details, please contact